Duke Stephenson

Duke Stephenson's Tips

Water cups

If you’re tight on money always ask for a water cup and fill it discretely with whatever you want. If it’s a place that gives you clear cups or certain colored water cups be sure to only fill it with clear liquids like water, lemonade or Sprite. You will save money every meal if you did this.

Free Birthday Food for your entire birthday month

Google “Birthday Freebies”, sign up to all the restaurants that offer free food for your birthday and eat free your entire birthday month. You can even set up an itinerary, order takeout from all the restaurants on that itinerary and pick them up one after another and then have an epic birthday feast at home. Duke, the non-Jew Jew

Make your fruit juice last longer

Whenever serving juice to guests or yourself, just mix 1/4 of water and keep 3/4 juice in the cup then mix it. It’s healthier, cheaper and most people can’t tell the difference. Having guests over for dinner and only have a little juice left? Is your child going through juice quickly and costing you a lot of money? SAVE THAT MONEY! Use the water trick and use less juice. Brought to you by Duke “The Honorary Jew” Stephenson.