Mr. Cheapo

Mr. Cheapo's Tips

Free at Craigslist

There are tons of awesome resources online for getting free stuff. The Craigslist free section is great. Here’s an example:


Key Maker Machine Discount

Next time, you need to create a duplicate key in one of those machines, 1st put in a “mail” key. The machine will 1st tell you they don’t make this type of key and then it will apologize and give you a discount for the inconvenience. Now, use that discount on the real key you needed made.

Free Samples

Go on the internet and go to any search engine website. Type in the search box “free sample” (make sure you type it with the quotation marks). You will be given hundreds of websites that mail free samples out. And find tons of websites that blog about different freebies.

Quick tip: You’ve got to have Address Auto fill for this. Chrome has one available. It will automatically place in your info (address, name, phone, etc.) in the fields. Then all you have to do is press submit.

Another tip: Use an email address that you don’t ever use or want to use again.

Mail Room Coupons

If you live in an apartment complex like me and you get a coupon in your mail such as a Bed bath and Beyond 20% off, or in this case a FREE CHIPOTLE BOWL or BURRITO! Then most likely others in your complex have thrown out these coupons. Don’t say “ewwww”, it’s a clean trashcan with only paper in it…..most times.

Slick way to get Free Pizza

When you and your friends ordered pizza, wait til about 30 minutes after and slowly slide out of the house or room and come back in 30 minutes. The pizza will already be there and paid for.


When you think your toothpaste is empty. Think again. Grab some scissors and cut the end off, that should get you going for the next couple of days.

Date a girl with a boyfriend

Sounds like that’s a messed up thing to do huh?

But when you date someone else’s girl, you can’t take her out because you guys can’t be seen togther. So since you can’t take her out, you don’t have to spend money on her.

Does it sound so messed up now?


Girls, going out to hit the town?

Go get some free make-up at most department stores. Just make it look like you’re interested in buying some.

Gym Trainer

Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a gym trainer, all you have to do is follow around someone that is being trained. Just use the machine next to them and follow along exactly what the trainer is telling that person.

Cruise Pictures

If you ever been on a cruise then you know how they take pictures of you everywhere and then they put the pictures on the wall so you can pay $15 a picture. Save the $15 and just use your camera and take a picture of the picture.


Taking tons and tons of condiments from a fast food place so you will never have to big the big bottle of ketchup. Or, just take the big bottles from restaurants.

Rich Friends

First of all, everyone needs a rich friend. If you don’t have one, start making some moves. Kiss some ass, whatever you have to do…. get one. Also, when you hang with this friend, don’t carry cash just credit cards (you will see what I mean).