Cheaptastic TIPS

Free Espresso Shots

Head over to your local Nepresso dealer. They will make you a FREE shot of Espresso (with steamed milk!).

Sneak your Date into the Drive-In Movies

Get your date into the Drive-In movies for free. A couple minutes before you drive up to the Ticket box, have your date jump into the trunk of your car.

BONUS: Put your candy, popcorn and even pizza in trunk as well.

Paint Discount

Go into your local Benjamin Moore store. Have them a Mix a custom color. Then say you don’t like it, they will mark it down and sell it as a return.

The next day send a friend into buy it AT THE DISCOUNTED PRICE.

(this might work for all paint and hardware stores)

Cheap Candy and Chocolate

Go to Walgreens or similar stores the day after all big holidays, especially after Easter and Valentines.

Call all your service providers

Call all of your service providers (cable, phone, etc.) periodically and see if you qualify for deals. You’ll be surprise on how much money you can save.

How to drink for free on a cruise

Empty and clean out a big listerine bottle and fill it with a clear liquor of your choice then put a couple drops of green food coloring.

Mail Room Coupons

If you live in an apartment complex like me and you get a coupon in your mail such as a Bed bath and Beyond 20% off, or in this case a FREE CHIPOTLE BOWL or BURRITO! Then most likely others in your complex have thrown out these coupons. Don’t say “ewwww”, it’s a clean trashcan with only paper in it…..most times.

Free 7-11 Refills for Life

Buy a refillable 7-11 Big Gulp or Soda Cup and always keep it with you. Whenever you’re thirsty find the closest 7-11 and fill up.

Happy 420

Don’t ever smoke weed and then go to grocery store right after.