Cheaptastic TIPS

Free at Craigslist

There are tons of awesome resources online for getting free stuff. The Craigslist free section is great. Here’s an example:


Miniature Putt Putt Golf

Wait for people to finish the 18th hole and don’t let their ball drop. Play for free.

Key Maker Machine Discount

Next time, you need to create a duplicate key in one of those machines, 1st put in a “mail” key. The machine will 1st tell you they don’t make this type of key and then it will apologize and give you a discount for the inconvenience. Now, use that discount on the real key you needed made.

Free Samples

Go on the internet and go to any search engine website. Type in the search box “free sample” (make sure you type it with the quotation marks). You will be given hundreds of websites that mail free samples out. And find tons of websites that blog about different freebies.

Quick tip: You’ve got to have Address Auto fill for this. Chrome has one available. It will automatically place in your info (address, name, phone, etc.) in the fields. Then all you have to do is press submit.

Another tip: Use an email address that you don’t ever use or want to use again.

Food Court Samples

Walk around food court for samples. Then take your hat off and put on jacket and do it again. Free Lunch!

Free Espresso Shots

Head over to your local Nepresso dealer. They will make you a FREE shot of Espresso (with steamed milk!).

Cheap Candy and Chocolate

Go to Walgreens or similar stores the day after all big holidays, especially after Easter and Valentines.

Call all your service providers

Call all of your service providers (cable, phone, etc.) periodically and see if you qualify for deals. You’ll be surprise on how much money you can save.

Mail Room Coupons

If you live in an apartment complex like me and you get a coupon in your mail such as a Bed bath and Beyond 20% off, or in this case a FREE CHIPOTLE BOWL or BURRITO! Then most likely others in your complex have thrown out these coupons. Don’t say “ewwww”, it’s a clean trashcan with only paper in it…..most times.