Rich Friends

First of all, everyone needs a rich friend. If you don’t have one, start making some moves. Kiss some ass, whatever you have to do…. get one. Also, when you hang with this friend, don’t carry cash just credit cards (you will see what I mean).

Sneak your Date into the Drive-In Movies

Get your date into the Drive-In movies for free. A couple minutes before you drive up to the Ticket box, have your date jump into the trunk of your car.

BONUS: Put your candy, popcorn and even pizza in trunk as well.

Water cups

If you’re tight on money always ask for a water cup and fill it discretely with whatever you want. If it’s a place that gives you clear cups or certain colored water cups be sure to only fill it with clear liquids like water, lemonade or Sprite. You will save money every meal if you did this.

Cheap Nut Mix

We all know that when shopping at Whole Foods or Fresh Market, it can mean spending your whole paycheck….. In the “make your own trail mix section” I always make a bag of all expensive nuts and chocolates and then I write the ID number of the cheapest item.

Paint Discount

Go into your local Benjamin Moore store. Have them a Mix a custom color. Then say you don’t like it, they will mark it down and sell it as a return.

The next day send a friend into buy it AT THE DISCOUNTED PRICE.

(this might work for all paint and hardware stores)

Slick way to get Free Pizza

When you and your friends ordered pizza, wait til about 30 minutes after and slowly slide out of the house or room and come back in 30 minutes. The pizza will already be there and paid for.

Gym Trainer

Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a gym trainer, all you have to do is follow around someone that is being trained. Just use the machine next to them and follow along exactly what the trainer is telling that person.

Cruise Pictures

If you ever been on a cruise then you know how they take pictures of you everywhere and then they put the pictures on the wall so you can pay $15 a picture. Save the $15 and just use your camera and take a picture of the picture.