Cheap Nut Mix

We all know that when shopping at Whole Foods or Fresh Market, it can mean spending your whole paycheck….. In the “make your own trail mix section” I always make a bag of all expensive nuts and chocolates and then I write the ID number of the cheapest item.

Make your fruit juice last longer

Whenever serving juice to guests or yourself, just mix 1/4 of water and keep 3/4 juice in the cup then mix it. It’s healthier, cheaper and most people can’t tell the difference. Having guests over for dinner and only have a little juice left? Is your child going through juice quickly and costing you a lot of money? SAVE THAT MONEY! Use the water trick and use less juice. Brought to you by Duke “The Honorary Jew” Stephenson.

Borrow $5

Ask every friend that you have if you can borrow $5. None of them will ever remember a measly $5 unless they are as cheap as you are. Repeat this step every 6 weeks.

Not adding up for you? Make more friends!

Free Parking at Disney

Go to any Disney resort, I recommend the value ones since its easier to get away. Then park in the check-in lot which is full of tons of cars and then just jump on the Disney bus transportation and enjoy your free parking. Hopefully your car is still there when you get back 😉

Date a girl with a boyfriend

Sounds like that’s a messed up thing to do huh?

But when you date someone else’s girl, you can’t take her out because you guys can’t be seen togther. So since you can’t take her out, you don’t have to spend money on her.

Does it sound so messed up now?

Gym Trainer

Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a gym trainer, all you have to do is follow around someone that is being trained. Just use the machine next to them and follow along exactly what the trainer is telling that person.

Cruise Pictures

If you ever been on a cruise then you know how they take pictures of you everywhere and then they put the pictures on the wall so you can pay $15 a picture. Save the $15 and just use your camera and take a picture of the picture.